TM M-14: A Great Rifle to be With

Gungho Cowboy

To all you Full-Metal Jacket fans out there! A trivia question: what were the marine recruits holding on their right arms when they were shouting these lines?:

"This is my rifle. This is my gun.
This is for fighting. This is for fun."

Well, if you really still remember that scene, then you guessed it right. The classic M-14 rifle which became a popular icon during the Vietnam War after the M-16. This rifle has got the right pedigree, based on the M-1 Garand rifle that had so served American GIs well in World War Two. The modification gives it a full-auto capability and detachable 20-round magazine.  It fires a 7.62 round and was the primary weapon used in the Vietnam War until the M-16 was introduced.

While it is phased out for general use in the US Armed Forces, it still remained in use in various US units as a sniper rifle. The modification was called the M21 sniper rifle and was used in service until 1988.

The Tokyo Marui (TM) M-14 AEG

The TM M-14 was introduced in two variations, the Olive Drab (OD) and the imitation wood. The imitation wood, while it may look like real wood at a first glance, does not show some fine wood grain similar to TM's AK-47 series. The wood still gives some "toy feel" when you hold it and looks narrower than the G&G version. The metal parts are all well-done and receiver and barrel gives the rifle a serious overall look. The detail in the flash hider and barrel are nicely done and look very realistic and the safety switch looks like the real steel.

The hop-up is in front of the mag-well and can be adjusted with the magazine inside the gun with clear clicks when you make adjustments.  You can install the 8.4v large battery inside the stock as usual and it would be tough putting in a standard 9.6v large battery. Weighing around 11lbs. with the battery and mag installed and the metal markings are properly etched, it is a hefty one. The standard magazine holds 70 rounds but you can purchase some hi-cap 450round magazines from your favorite retailer.

Holding the rifle, there is some slight wobble, but it doesn't affect the whole performance of the gun.  Stripping the rifle is almost the same as the G&G version.


Out of the box, it fires at around 300fps and boasts of a barrel similar to the M-16.  It fires approximately 700 rounds per minute and the feel of firing it in full auto feels nice. Pulling the trigger is part of the better experience in using this rifle and as it is prompt and crisp.  This is a poweful rifle and can be actually used for airsoft sniping but may not have the range and accuracy of spring powered ones.

In woodland skirmishes, this rifle is such a handy one as it is also an assault rifle.  So in my book, it is a versatile one. The rear sight can be adjusted for range and windage and has great accuracy at 100 feet.


This version uses the version 7 gearbox.  And many parts are compatible with the older versions. As with TM replica guns, you can easily find performance upgrade parts from any reputable airsoft retailer.


This rifle is a great make and gives you a definite edge in an skirmish due to its long range and higher ROF.  It can fit a multi-role function such as being sniper and  an assault grunt.  It is highly recommended to be in your personal airsoft arsenal.

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