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Norwegian Company Reveals Bullets That Are Lethal Underwater


Shooting under water got deadlier with the introduction of a new ammo made by the Norwegian company, DSG Technology. For combat divers and those who operate on water, this is a god send bullet as they get to have bullets that go further and faster under water.

Called CAV-X, this bullet uses supercavitation. Not exactly a new technology as the Russians have been developing this technology since the Soviet times and have an existing supercavitating torpedo called VA-111 Shkval that has a speed that can go over 200 knots.

When firing regular bullets into the water, since it is denser, it creates drag the will result in the loss of velocity of the bullet, tend to be inaccurate as well as they have shorter ranges. With supercavitation, the CAV-X bullet creates a bubble of air around the bullet, creating a frictionless environment that results into an increase in speed, reduction in drag, and longer range for the bullet.

What is even better with the CAV-X, it can be used with existing rifles, and does not need any specialized gun to work with it. The Soviet Union developed a rifle for use underwater, called the APS or the Avtomat Podvodny Spetsialnyy, and fires a 120mm long 5.56mm bullet that can go to longer distances underwater, but when fired out of water, it is somewhat inaccurate. The CAV-X can still be fired accurately when firing out of the water and is available in 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO and 12.7 NATO and made of tungsten with a brass shell.

As for the range, the and 7.62 can be effective up to 12-14 meters underwater while the 12.7mm can go up to 60 meters. If out of the water, the 5.56mm has a range of up to 900 meters; the 7.62mm up to 1,100 meters; and the 12.7 mm up to 2,200 meteres.

According to the company, the CAV-X has been already ordered by in small quantities by militaries for testing.