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Warland Panama 2018 Show Of Force

Ace of Spades Warland Panama 2018

Regular registration for the Warland 2018 "Show of Force" event that will take place at Fort Sherman in Panama is now open... "WARLAND will be like no other event you have been to. It will be 3 days real non-stop action. We have designed WARLAND to provide the participants with a high intensity event. There will be all types of missions and objectives tailored for the best operators.

Spec-ops, recon, interdiction, sabotage, hostage rescue, counter narcotics and an extensive use of live action role players (LARPs) will give you all the stress of a real combat zone. Your abilities as negotiator, interrogator and planner are at stake!. You will have to convince the enemy to work for you or maybe you will be seduced to crossover and betray your unit. These game aspects is what makes WARLAND unique!

7 sides of conflicts!:  From Ranger, SOFs, DEA Fast Teams to terrorist cell and ruthless drug lords will provide the storyboard from where the combat sites will boost with intensity. There will be extensive jungle warfare operations and urban combat where you, as the operator, will have to obey rules of engagement and protect civilians first. PMCs will operate on their own set of rules adding more dept to the chaotic situation in WARLAND.

Do you have what it takes?"