Is The Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom As Good As They Say?


The Ledger Is The Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom As Good As They Say?

The Ledger got curious if the Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM NBB pistol, which many airsoft snipers prefer as a backup, really as good as claimed to be. The Tokyo Marui’s HK MK23 Socom pistol replica features original markings on the lock, barrel, grip, and magazine. Constructed with a durable ABS composite for the slide, lower body, and grip, it also boasts metal components including the external barrel thread, silencer, cock, and some internal parts. The Hop-Up rubber adjustment knob is accessible once the slider is removed. Powered by green gas loaded into the magazine, its superior adjustable Hop-Up system outperforms many electric replicas in terms of accuracy and range, with an initial velocity of 330 FPS and a range exceeding 50 meters. The gun comes with a metal suppressor, a replica flashlight module and laser sight, a robust carrying case, and a small pack of BBs.

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