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Team Blacksheep: Wildlands Airsoft Park

Team Blacksheep: Wildlands Airsoft Park

Vincent "Lucky Shot" and Brian Holt introduce the Wildlands Airsoft Park located in Lake Elsinore, California... "A game we all play for a multitude of reasons. Some play to practice technique, to get away from the day to day headaches, and others to run around like it’s a video game. Whatever your reasons are, we are all out there to have fun. Somewhere over the last few years, some of the fun in our community has been lost. We are going to bring the fun back. The ideology that drives the staff at Wildlands Airsoft Park is simple, 'A place for ALL players'. Our goal is to create a park that caters to the different types of airsoft players, as well as elevate the entire experience that people have. In doing this we hope to bring together and unite our community."

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