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Tactical Rifleman: Tips For New Shooter

Tactical Rifleman: Tips For New Shooter

Tactical Rifleman put together this video to provide the best tips for the new shooter... "Everyone wants 'Advanced' shooting drills and they want to be the best. What makes our Special Ops guys 'The Best' is that they have mastered the basics. Sounds easy but it is not. Mastering the Basics takes extreme dedication and lots of repetition. Once you have mastered the basics, the subconscious mind will take care of the marksmanship; which frees up the conscious mind to focus on 'Is it a Threat? Is it Not a Threat? Is it a Threat that warrants Deadly Force?'

So this week’s video, I asked Coach to give us a simple drill for 'New Pistol Shooters.' Coach is a walking library of great shooting information and a gifted teacher."

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