Tactical Rifleman: LPVO Drill


Tactical Rifleman: LPVO Drill

Tactical Rifleman got some drills for those who use LPVOs on their rifles to follow... "We have more and more students showing up to carbine courses with LPVOs mounted on their blasters. That's awesome, so long as it matches YOUR situation and YOUR mission at home; I want you to train with the equipment you plan to fight with. So, show up to our courses with YOUR setup, not just what you think we want you to bring for a course.

That said, many people miss what a LPVO is designed to do; it's designed to be ran on 1X all the time; then dial magnification as needed while the gunfight develops.

So, how do we practice this? How do we practice shooting on 1x, then dialing up magnification while we still keep shooting?

Anyone can "twist the ring" but have you tried doing it as part of a timed drill? There are several different techniques, that all have pros & cons, and some are faster or slower for different people. I don't care which technique you use; I just want you to use the technique that works best for YOU with YOUR setup. Which technique is that?

That's where the LPVO Drill comes in. It's an easy drill, shot at 50 meters, and you need 3 targets of diminishing size. I use a specially made target from our Battle Rifle-1 Course, but you could use simple bullseyes or paper plates."

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