Still Use An Eye Pro That Has Been Hit?


Airsoftology: Still Use An Eye Pro That Has Been Hit?

Always a question if you can still use an Eye Pro that has been hit by a BB. Airsoftology talks about this and other topics suc as Cosplay loadout for airsoft, knee and elbow pads, and the video of the week. For merch, he has a Teespring store now on his YouTube channel.

"Airsoft Megastore Mailcall

0:00 - Intro and weekly update
1:12 - Whats the best Cosplay Loadout you've seen in Airsoft?
4:34 - Do you really need knee and elbow pads in airsoft?
8:15 - When should you replace your eye protection?

Code Red Headsets Video of the Week

10:55 - I got BANNED from Airsoft for the entire SEASON!!!! (RUDE!) - PhoenixFeatherAirsoft"

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12 Aug 2020

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