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Prometheus Straight Trigger "Sigma"

Laylax Prometheus Straight Trigger "Sigma"

Available now at Laylax is the Straight Trigger "Sigma" from Prometheus made for Standard M4 AEGs... "Straight trigger that matches stylish hand guards and frames, sharp design.  It consists of two parts, a base part and a trigger pad, easy to incorporate, and easy to exchange to other colors.

By optimizing the contact with the fingers by dropping the corner larger than our 'M16 custom trigger', it became possible to correspond to sniper as well.

Also, by setting the total length longer than the usual trigger, it makes it easier to carry out continuous fire with a finger on the trigger guard.

Customized rifles are used in gun matches etc. which are popular in the United States, and many shooters are changing to a trigger of a straight type.

Straight trigger has good feeling, tells the power of the finger efficiently to the engine section, and it is preferred for match shooter.

*To install the trigger, disassembling / assembling of the mechanical box is required. We can not assume the responsibility in damage or accident etc of the part under work, so please contact us if you are not confident please contact your dealer."