OGO: Centurion Milsim "Oscar Mike"


One Grunt's Opinion writes about an upcoming event being organised by Centurion Milsim... "If you haven’t been keeping track of Centurion Milsim you should. Their next event is 'Oscar Mike' in October. That’s still several months away but they seem to be bringing the story line alive on their FaceBook page. They are working to engage the audience and potential players into the world of the Copan civil war way before ever stepping on the field. It’s interesting to see this continuous story approach that seems to help grow the world their events live in.

Story line is where many event producers seem to flounder a bit with good ideas but not much development and it’s restricted to while you are at the event. This newer approach to making what happens off the field just as important as what happens on the field is something worth watching. They don’t seem to put out intel or mission outlines in the traditional sense of post outlining the event.

They seem to be making the player base work for it by learning to read between the lines of the news out of the fictional country of “Copan” where their story takes place. Players now have to do their homework or end up feeling way out of the loop when you arrive at the event.

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