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Next Level Tactical Gear Review Part 1

TBS Next Level Tactical Gear Review Part 1

A bunch of tactical gear from Next Level Tactical gets reviewed by Brian Holt of Team Blacksheep and this is just the first part... "Tactical Gear is needed for the average Airsofter to make things easier as well as the Milsim Airsofter to better fit the part of the role they are playing on the field and in the squad. What kind of gear should you get and why? Get something that will work for you and that is build to last, saving now means failing later. I am doing a TWO PART series on the latest Tactical Gear I got from Next Level Tactical from California; that specializes in Airsoft, Tactical Gear, Kydex and much more. This FIRST video will be a brief unboxing and examination of the products and the SECOND video(s) will be a more in depth review of each part. Check out the video below."

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