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Kireru's HERA Arms IRS 12" M-Lok Review

Kireru's HERA Arms IRS 12" M-Lok Review

Kireru Airsoft's review of the Hera Arms IRS 12-inch M-Lok Handguard is now up... "The ever so gracious people at HERA Arms blessed me with a new front. In 2015 at IWA they graciously donated me an IRS 15″ Keymod… Now if you missed that review click here to read it.

There are many similarities between the two fronts… They are basically the same, but there are a few differences.

Okay so one is Keymod and the other M-Lok, duh! And the lenght is different as well so weight won’t compared either – what else is there then? Well let’s run the basics over first."

Read the full review here.