Jeff The Kid: Archwick B&T USW-G17/G18 Conversion


Jeff The Kid On The Archwick B&T USW-G17/G18 Conversion

Jeff The Kid has a lot to say of this B&T USW-G17/G18 done by Archwick... "When I received the assault kit for the first time, I was not interested in this kind of things. Now that I will spend money to buy it, I find it very strange. Anyway. The assault kit I will introduce today is really goddamn expensive. I should buy it. I've passed the most expensive assault kit, but you always have its reason (it should be...)

This kit is authorized by the real gun factory B&T (Brügger & Thomet) and is made by the very popular MK13 Mod7 a while ago. Produced by ARCHWICK and represented by CTM Airsoft, the main body is made of aluminum alloy 'five-axis CNC machining' plus special materials and mixed fiber buttstock kits. Durability. Needless to say, when you see the process, you will know that it must be very durable. The overall texture is at the moment I open it.

I personally think that this set of kits is really very beautiful! (In addition, Tyrannosaurus T.REX has also used it!) In addition, because it is represented by CTM Airsoft, I also bought their GA-Holster. They have released the special quick pull of AAP01 and I can’t put it down. This time, they can give a variety of GLOCKs. How can you let go of the version you are using?"

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