Secutor Arms CORVUS Coming Soon


SKW Airsoft sent in teaser images about the upcoming Secutor Arms CORVUS. The teaser images show that is most likely that this a Glock carbine conversion kit along the likes of the CAA Micro Roni. We don't know what Glock GBB/AEPs are compatible with it so stay tuned.

SKW Airsoft Secutor Arms CORVUS 02


AW Custom VX Series Conversion Kit Overview


TD-Airsoft got in stock the AW Custom VX Series Conversion Kit. Made of polymer this is compatible with the AW Custom and WE Airsoft G17 and G18 gas blowback pistol and probably can be made to fit the Tokyo Marui version. Other features are a folding skeleton stock and integrated front and rear sights.

Jeff The Kid: Archwick B&T USW-G17/G18 Conversion


Jeff The Kid has a lot to say of this B&T USW-G17/G18 done by Archwick... "When I received the assault kit for the first time, I was not interested in this kind of things. Now that I will spend money to buy it, I find it very strange. Anyway. The assault kit I will introduce today is really goddamn expensive. I should buy it. I've passed the most expensive assault kit, but you always have its reason (it should be...)

Archwick B&T USW-G17/G18 Conversion


Aaron Airsoft shows Archwick B&T USW-G17/G18 Conversion that is available at CTM Airsoft... "Hello Everyone. I’m glad to share this good news with you guys. About ARCHWICK's new product B&T USW-G17/G18 has been published on the CTM official website, interested friends can visit the CTM website to learn more detailed product information, you can also place an order now, the quantity is limited."

HAO Industries HK416C Conversion Kit For Marui M4 MWS GBB


If you can't wait for Tokyo Marui to release a version an HK416 version of their MWS Gas Blowback, then the best and so far expensive recourse is get a conversion kit. HAO Industries got available a HK416C Conversion Kit which will do damage to your wallet by US$1,500... "HAO's 416C conversion kits for Marui MWS are CNC machined from an Alloy 7075-T6 billet which is as same material as real firearm.

Airsoft Mk48 Barrel Conversion Kit Installation


Killen Custom show how to install the Airsoft Mk48 Barrel Assembly Conversion Kit on an M249... "How to install the Killen Custom Airsoft Mk48 barrel assembly conversion kit! Applies to all brands of airsoft M249! For G&P you will also need the Killen Custom receiver extension/barrel shroud. This is the easiest way so far to convert you airsoft M249 into a Mk48!"

SRU AR Bullpup Kit Review Part 1


L'antre Du Dingo got the SRU AR Bullpup Kit to review and find out if it's ergonomics is good to use to convert airsoft ARs to a bullpup configuration... "020Magazine gave me the opportunity to test the AR AEG Bullpup kit by SRU. In this first video I focus on the installation, then in a second part I'm going to talk about the features and handling of this 3D-printed kit."

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