SRC SR92 Conversion Kit Installation


The Star Rainbow Company (SRC) got their own M92 GBB Pistol called the SR92 and they even have a carbine conversion kit to use with it allowing for a more stable shooting platform. The kit also has rails that can allow you to install accessories such as optics and weaponlights. This video shows you how to install the kit and a test shoot.

SRU GBB P320 Bullpup Kit Concept


SRU posted initial computer drawings on a product that will be a built for a new airsoft GBB pistol as well. This is a bullpup conversion kit for the P320 pistol that allows for a spare magazine ready to be loaded in the grip. If you wonder which P320 pistol in airsoft is available, you can check the SIG Air Pro Force M17 GBB Pistol made by VFC or the unlicensed F17 GBB pistol from Asia Electric Gun (based on the WE design).

Angry Gun John Wick M4 Conversion Kit


Can't wait for John Wick 3? Why not busy yourself with building the John Wick Taran Tactical M4 with this kit from Angry Gun? This was used by Keanu Reeves in John Wick 2 and features replica TR-1 Lower and Upper from Taran Tactical. We are not sure if this is licensed from Taran Tactical Innovations though but if you are planning to build one, take note that it is compatible with the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB for now.

Hunter Hybrid HPA Conversion Kit


Progressive Airsoft, an airsoft company based in  Świdnica, Poland, got an interesting product called the Hunter Hybrid HPA Conversion Kit... "HUNTER is a hybrid HPA engine designed for installation in electric gun replicas equipped with V2 and V3 gearboxes. It is called a hybrid for it combines the best features of electric drives along with the performance and capabilities of HPA systems. It allows to transform the drive of a gun replica from purely electrical to gas.

VFC Virgo M4 Conversion Kit Review


Antre du Dingo Dingchavez got im his hands on the Virgo M4 Conversion Kit System from the Vega Force Company (VFC). This allows you to mix and match various components and it comes with a brushless motor, an Avalon receiver, and CNC'd gearbox. Will it be the best way to configure your M4 AEG to meet any airsoft game?



SRU announce that they are now taking pre-orders for their SRU BUP-47 Kit For AK AEGs. Allowing you to convert a Tokyo Marui, CYMA or DBOYS/BOYI AK47 AEGs into a bullpup AEG, it will be released in late July 2018. This may not be compatible with the new generation blowback and recoil AK AEGs from Tokyo Marui as this will hinder battery installation as the battery compartment is located in the upper part of the handguard.

Saiga Conversion Kit For Airsoft AKs


Xavier Sturzl shows his Saiga Conversion Kit For Airsoft AKs which is basically an Airsoft Saiga Magwell Adapter for AKs for ASM-DAK for short... "Almost finished! I like where it's headed thus far, but I'm alway open to input from you guys so dont be afraid to throw out ideas! Or let me know whether or not you like it in general."

The APS Black Hornet +P Is Now Ready


APS announce the release of their Black Hornet + P a complete package to get you going with your APS Black Hornet airsoft pistol with a carbine conversion kit that is laden with extras... "Doubtless to say, a pistol caliber weapon is easy to control and less likely to over penetrate the target.

CAAAD Micro RONI Kit At WGC Shop


WGC Shop posted news that the new CAAAD Micro Roni Kit just got in to their stores. This allows you convert your G17 or G19 gas blowback pistol into a compact carbine for stable shooting especially in CQB battles. Plus, they recommend accessories to go with it... "CAA Micro RONI Kit for airsoft G17& 19 was just arrived today! You just build a super cool advanced tactical outfit submachine gun with your G17/19 airsoft pistol!"

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