JedBedrock Airsoft: G&G FN2000 AEG


JedBedrock Airsoft: G&G FN2000 AEG

Available for years now and the perhaps the only available airsoft version of the FN2000 since the JLS version is nowhere to be found, JedBedrock gives his review of the G&G FN2000 AEG... "Hello everyone and welcome back to another airsoft gun review. In this video I am reviewing my G&G FN2000 airsoft gun. I love this gun, and while the price tag is a big turn away. I don't regret the money... okay i kinda do. I bought this gun back when I was newer to airsoft and I didn't know about things like krytac and VFC. For the price tag i do suggest getting another type of gun, but if this gun is what you want? Then here is my review. This gun has helped me learn a lot about how to tech my own airsoft guns, because of just how many times I have taken it apart to make it shoot really nice. If you are a person that doesn't know anything about how to work on airsoft gun then I don't suggest this gun for you."

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