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Agilite Buddystrap

Agilite demonstrates their Buddystrap that helps one carry an injured/wounded person to safety whilst keeping both hands free which is important when in a hot zone... "The Agilite BuddyStrap™ is a revolutionary emergency device that allows you to carry an injured person on your own, easily and hands free.

It was originally designed for tier 1 special forces units who go deep behind enemy lines in small teams and can not carry bulky rescue equipment.

Today, it’s also used by Hikers, Search and Rescue volunteers,  people with mobility issues and parents.

Traditional medevac gear takes at least 2-4 rifles out of the fight. The fireman's carry takes one rifle out of the fight, but the BuddyStrap™ takes zero rifles out of the fight.

Even regular military units don’t  have enough manpower or carry enough litters for mass casualty incidents. They often have to wait for outside assistance which costs lives.

Having several BuddyStraps in a squad has allowed way fewer soldiers to rush casualties to safety, while still being able to engage any continuing threats.

Traditional methods like the fireman's do not allow you to use your hands to navigate tough terrain, access your weapon and are way too bulky for confined spaces.

Although the requirement came from the Military, the BuddyStrap™ has numerous civilian applications.  
It is the only efficient way to carry an injured hiker, a person with mobility issues or a large child on your own.

No responsible person should be going into the outdoors without a plan to be able to carry an injured friend or family member to safety without assistance. It is an essential component in any gear loadout, hiking pack or bug out bag.

Available in a berry compliant version for US forces, the BuddyStrap™ is compact, integrates into combat gear with zero bulk, weighs next to nothing and saves lives.
Nowadays, most people carry a medkit for initial treatment, but those who carry a BuddyStrap™ also have the ability to get their buddy home."

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