Inforce WML Review By Red Army Airsoft


Red Army Airsoft: Inforce WML Review

Alexander takes a look at the WML weaponlight series from Inforce in this Red Army Airsoft Review. BEWARE OF FLASHING LIGHTS in the video... "Most often, tactical flashlights are mounted on the side bar of the handguard of an airsoft gun, but it isn't always convenient to turn them on changing hands. Remote buttons for the flashlight also don't always help.

If you play CQB, you have to change hands and shoot then left, then right. And with uncomfortable hand, the flashlight will be unavailable, or again you will have to change the grip on the handguard.

I couldn't solve this problem until I saw in foreign Speedsoft (speedqb) videos, flashlights with a corner button that are mounted on top of the handguard. After studying the information, it turned out that such flashlights are called Inforce WML and as it turned out, these are excellent flashlights for CQB."

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