Hyperdouraku: ICS CES-P MS1 S3 SFS


Hyperdouraku: ICS CES-P MS1 S3 SFS

With the MP5 series making a comeback, ICS Airsoft updated their series as well. In this video review by Hyperdouraku, they go over the ICS CES-P MS1 SE with the SFS stock, their take on the MP5 if redesigned for the 21st Century. This updated AEG now has the SSS V2 E-Trigger System, short-stroke trigger, realistic SPCC weld processed stamping steel receiver, SFS retractable folding stock, power cut-off by opening the receivers, one-piece metal hop-up, the ICS CES Split Gearbox, spring releasable function, and rear-lockable Decorative Bolt plate.

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