ICS Airsoft: BLE-XMK Mark X


ICS Airsoft presents the BLE-XMK Mark GBBB Pistol in this video... "The 'MARK X' is a combination of all innovative pistol making technology from ICS, such as the REVO valve system, that preciously calculates the magazine gasification efficiency. The aluminum compensator provides reliable stability and accuracy. The slide in two different finishes of matte black and glossy black gives the XMK an ultimate hi-end look."

ICS SARSILMAZ SAR 9 GBB Overview By Red Army Airsoft


Alexander gives his take in the licensed Sarsilmaz SAR 9 Gas Blowback Pistol made by ICS Airsoft in this Red Army Airsoft overview video... "If you already thought 'What is this cross between HK-45 and Glock?' - you are both right and wrong. Originally, the SAR 9 pistol from the Turkish company Sarsilmaz is a striker type pistol, that is, the so-called “striker” intended for the civilian market. The exterior design and ergonomics are clearly inspired by the HK VP9 with Glock elements."

Tom's Airsoft Channel: ICS Sirius PDW 9 AEG


The ICS Sirius PDW 9 AEG is available in the market for months now and the latest to review this AEG is Tom's Airsoft Channel. Will he be expressed by its external and internal build... "Hey guys, today there's something nice again from ICS. The PDW9 is really sexy as hell. But are the internals also good?"

Anglian Airsoft: Upgrading ICS S3 Gearbox


Tips from Anglian Airsoft in doing upgrades on the ICS S3 Gearbox... "In this video we take the ICS S3 gearbox and give it some quality of life upgrades as well as a new trigger and ambidextrous mag release button on the lower receiver. Its a few fun and easy upgrades that anyone can do!"

ICS M3 Grease Gun AEG Review By Neo035


Latest video from Neo035 as he reviews airsoft guns based on weapons designs used in World Wars. This time it is the ICS Airsoft M3 Grease Gun AEG that World War II airsoft collectors would want to have. Externally, it has a sliding stock, alloy construction and internally it has a high torque motor and steel gears.

ICS BLE XMK "The Space Blaster"


ICS Captain Magaz goes over the ICS BLE XMK Gas Blowback Pistol, aka "The Space Blaster" and brings it to a game... "In this video we take a look at the latest from the ICS BLE family of pistols, the XMK or 'Mark Ten' a compact gas blow back pistol with a chunky futuristic compensator and aesthetic.

I'll take you through all of the features, chrono test, see how it performs on the range and in a cqb environment."

Mach Sakai With The ICS CXP-ARK AEG


The ICS CXP-ARK is available in Japan and Mach Sakai takes a look at it. A hybrid design showing the features of an AR and Kalashnikov, it is a much well-received AEG since its release. Mach Sakai checks for operations, external features and performance at his range as well checks it for compatibility with the standard Marui AK AEG magazine.

ICS Airsoft CXP-ARK: Fusion Of The Legends


Here is the official rundown on the features of the new ICS Airsoft CXP-ARK AEG... "ARK combines the two legends in the world of guns, taking the robust from the AK and integrating the precise from the M4. This fusion beast comes with ICS's newest V3 gearbox technology, featuring quick spring change and spring tension release; but most importantly the SSS V3 Electronic Trigger System is now available in V3 Gearbox platform.

ICS ProLine CXP-MARS PDW9 At Airsoft Station


A product presentation of the ICS CXP-MARS PDW9 AEG that is available at Airsoft Station... "ICS is world renown for developing, designing, and manufacturing superior AEGs. The CXP-MARS PDW9 rifle from the ProLine series continues the trend of authenticity by being constructed with a fully stamped steel billet style receiver, forged lower receiver, and high-quality full metal internals.

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