Is The ICS M1 Garand The Best Airsoft Garand


3vArmory goes over the ICS Airsoft M1 Garand if it is the best airsoft M1 Garand rifle in the market. The ICS M1 Garand has authentic wood stock, metal construction, and near-perfect replica feel. This airsoft rifle boasts both collector's appeal and airsoft game performance, with a robust hybrid gearbox for lasting reliability.

Attaching A Scope To An ICS AK74 Airsoft Rifle


Bentzone Airsoft shows how to mount a scope on a more traditional AK74 airsoft gun which usually requires a side mount. In this case, just replace a compatible cover with a top rail. The ICS AK74 with wooden furniture is a full metal receiver rifle It is a durable and realistic rifle that features a roomy stock for extra-large batteries.

EMG Daniel Defense MK18 Quick Look


A quick presentation by of the EMG Daniel Defense MK18 MOD1 that uses the ICS Airsoft split type gearbox. They say it is a high-performance airsoft rifle, faithfully replicating the real deal with its RIS II handguard, ZETA grip and stock, reinforced internals, and advanced electronic trigger system, making it ideal for training and enthusiast use.

MOA 2023: ICS Airsoft CXP-APE SE & Hi-Capa Carnotaurus


At the MOA Exhibition 2023, ICS Airsoft showcased their latest products: the CXP-APE SE SSS.III E-Trigger System and the Hi-Capa Carnotaurus. The CXP-APE SE is an electric rifle that features a smart trigger, a pre-cocking function, a T-Dean plug, an EBB system, a lightweight M-LOK handguard, a rear-lockable decorated bolt plate, a three-way magazine release button, and a tactical SF1 stock that can be folded, retracted, and adjusted.

REAPERs Airsoft's ICS CXP Tomahawk Review


REAPERs Airsoft found some issues with ICS CXP Tomahawk whilst doing a review. The CXP-Tomahawk Bullpup Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, a product of ICS, is a revolutionary design that rectifies the flaws of other sniper rifles. Its unique Bullpup design allows for an extended barrel length, while the 61cc enlarged cylinder ensures ample pneumatic force.

Isoft On The ICS/EMG Daniel Defense MK18 AEG


Isoft talks about the ICS/EMG Daniel Defense MK18 AEG which should be at most reputable airsoft retailers. This  MK18 airsoft gun is equipped with Daniel Defense licensed parts and internals from Master Mods. It features an S3 mosfet and a split gearbox, ensuring good performance... "Hello everyone, We meet again for a new video and this time for the presentation of the MK18 from ICS in collaboration with EMG."

Airsoft Mike's ICS CXP-APE Special Edition Unboxing


Find out if the new ICS CXP-APE Special Edition is really special in this unboxing and first impressions by Airsoft Mike. This AEG has an integrated MOSFET and also features a T-Dean Plug, an EBB System, and a lightweight M-Lok Handguard. It also has a rear-lockable decorated bolt plate, a three-way magazine release, and a tactical SF1 stock that is foldable, retractable, and has an adjustable cheek rest.

Clyde Santos' ICS BLE ICP Review


Clyde Santos gives his take on the ICS BLE ICP gas blowback pistol if it is the best GBB pistol in 2023. This product features a durable aluminum slide construction and a lightweight nylon-reinforced polymer frame. It has a TDC Top-Down-Center hop-up design that stabilizes trajectory and enhances accuracy and range. The low-resistance slide design includes a spring-powered hammer contact design, reducing interference.

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