Gun Gamers Production's Automatic Rifleman Class Basics


Gun Gamers Production's Automatic Rifleman Class Basics

In events hosted by Gun Gamers Productions, Eric and The BB Warrior provide an overview of the Automatic Rifleman Class. They describe the Automatic Rifleman as an enhancement to squad firepower. This role involves carrying durable replicas of military rifles capable of sustained fire. The Automatic Rifleman can deliver fully automatic suppressive fire while maintaining mobility, and can switch to semi-automatic fire for indoor engagements.

Automatic Rifles are required to use the low or mid-capacity non-winding magazines they are designed for, and the use of box or drum magazines is prohibited. Instead of a launcher and launchables, Automatic Riflemen carry extra magazines and are allowed up to 12 thrown grenades (a combination of frag & smoke) without any launchers.

Examples of Automatic Rifles include the IAR, BAR, RPK, MG36, Bren, Shrike, and others. Automatic Rifles that are not in factory or military configuration must have a minimum 16-inch one-piece barrel, a bipod, and be based on a receiver equivalent to an automatic rifle.

This role falls under the Specialty Weapons Class and occupies one Squad Specialty Weapons slot. Automatic Rifles can fire in semi or fully automatic mode (except indoors) at 1.5 joules with no minimum engagement distance.

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