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Laylax Cerakote Skin Design Product

Laylax boss, Koji "No. 63" talks about the Cerakote Skin Design product from their Ghost Design Crew... "A popular electric gun with a skin design that is likely to appear in an FPS game, created by a designer, is applied with CERAKOTE and sold in limited quantities! The skin design for the MPX and BCM MCMR 8 introduced this time was handled by "GHOST DESIGN" belonging to the LayLax design department, which handles product design, apparel, packaging, graphics, etc.

What is CSDP?

CERAKOTE SKIN DESIGN PRODUCT - A designer belonging to LayLax devised a skin design for an airsoft gun. Based on that design, we plan to faithfully reproduce and sell it with functional paint 'CERAKOTE', which is also used for real guns."

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23 Sep 2023

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