Body Armour Vent Retro Fit Kit


Bomb Up Airsoft Body Armour Vent Retro Fit Kit

The Body Armor Vent Kit available at Bomb Up Airsoft helps you keep comfortable and cool when wearing your body armour... "BODY ARMOR VENT’s inflated, vertical air channels force airflow upwards and also through horizontal vent holes to enable true evaporation of sweat from behind armor for the first time in history. This keeps your body’s temperature down in the summer and your body much drier and warmer in the winter.

*All Retro Fit Kits are made with “loop” fabric on the back (reverse) side that attaches to SUPER GRIP “hook tape”.

**Plate carriers and other body armour items displayed in product images are not included.

The BODY ARMOR VENT™ was designed to solve a problem. Invented by a retired Sheriff, who was injured in the line of duty, he asked himself during physical therapy, “what was the worst thing about being on patrol?” The answer: the heat and sweat build up behind his body armor, especially in the heat of summer.

With that thought, the plans for BODY ARMOR VENT™ began and the journey that led them to where they are today. BODY ARMOR VENT™ is sold worldwide and used every day by thousands of government and private sector military and law enforcement individuals wearing body armour. The BAV helps provide maximum comfort while you’re wearing your body armour, whether summer or winter.


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28 Jan 2021

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