APS 20th Anniversary Bumblebee Edition


0'20 Mag APS 20th Anniversary Bumblebee Edition

In this video, the guys at 0'20 Magazine review the Bumbledee Edition Gas Blowback Pistol from APS in celebration of their 20 years in business. Here is what APS says about this airsoft pistol... "In 2021, APS would have cleared another big milestone in the history of the organization completing 20 years of its establishment. Only with the support of our clients and customers who trusted us, your requests, demands and feedbacks have pushed us to go a long way and improve our business to make it so great. In celebration of this anniversary, we can’t thank you enough for our supporters. On this auspicious occasion, APS gladly announce a limited edition pistol – '20th Anniversary Bumblebee.XX' to our friends."

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24 Jun 2021

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