Airsoftology Q&A: "What Is The Best SMG In Airsoft?"


Airsoftology Q&A: "What Is The Best SMG In Airsoft?"

Probably everyone has his/her own opinion on the best SMG in airsoft though we recommend that you watch and listen to Jonathan Higgs say his piece in this Airsoftology Q&A episode. Other topics he tackles are fixing AEG wiring, lubicration, and of the video of the week.

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0:00 - Intro and weekly update
1:39 - If I have a broken wire on my AEG, can I just glue it back together?
6:08 - What SMG / PDW do you recommend to get as your first one?
10:17 - Is it ok to use silicone to lubricate inside your gas magazines when using propane?

Code Red Headsets Video of the Week -

12:31 - Kraken Airsoft - INDOOR CQB TRACER Airsoft Gameplay"

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24 Sep 2020

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