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"Most Realistic Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun?"

So, is the the VFC Colt M4A1 RIS II Forging Gas Blowback Rifle the most realistic GBB rifle? Fully licensed from Colt, this has a heavy barrel, CNC'd realistic bolt carrier, and most of the metal parts are made of steel. The receiver has Mil-Spec hard anodised surface as far as we know so let's watch this Airsoftology video to confirm it:

How To Get Friends To Play Airsoft?

A good topic for this Airsoftology Q&A Mondays episode, how to get friends to play airsoft with you. It would be great to have some of your closest friends play airsoft with you but then some are not just interested in it. Watch this episode for tips from Jonathan Higgs how to bring them to the airsoft field without them kicking and screaming.

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Airsoftology: Players Cheating The Chrono?

This Airsoftology Q&A Monday delves back into the topic of cheating in airsoft. In this case, about airsoft players cheating during the Chrono check by adjusting the hop-up. Apart from that, topics such as accuracy, safety and gas magazines are covered in this episode so watch the video below to start:

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Airsoftology: How Close Is Too Close?

Always discussed in airsoft forums is the Minimum Engagement Distance (MED), especially if the game allows for high powered airsoft guns. There are some game sites that do not have one, and those that determine the distance from fire to bang rule. In this episode of Airsoftology's Q&A Mondays, Jonatha Higgs talks about this and more.

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The BB Warrior Responds To Jonathan

More on the accusations that airsoft YouTubers cheat to get better game footage for their viewers with The BB Warrior making a response to Airsoftology... "Today's video is a little different; I'll be doing a response to Airsoftology's video about whether or not Airsoft Youtubers cheat for better footage. Airsoftology has been a huge inspiration to my channel, so this should be an interesting one!"

Airsoftology: G28 Gas Blowback Rifle

With the futuristic VFC showroom in the background, Jonathan Higgs gives us a quick peek review of the G28 Gas Blowback DMR. Fully licensed from Heckler & Koch, he finds it a heavy rifle which weighs 30lbs. It has the RAL8000 colour scheme which many like and comes with the scope mount which is also seen in the VFC G28 AEG version. Watch the review in this Airsoftology episode.

Classic Army LMG With Wolverine Inferno

We always recommend having an HPA system installed for support weapons in airsoft as they become more effective in terms of suppression. Here is Jonathan Higgs checking out a Classic Army LMG powered by Wolverine Airsoft Inferno HPA engine in this Airsoftology video review.

Airsoft YouTubers Cheat To Get Better Videos?

Another topic that airsofters who found their fame making YouTube videos should definitely answer. Just like other famous youtubers, they go to great lengths and stunts just to make sure they get the eyeballs they want so they can generate revenues to support themselves and make even more videos. But will they cheat just to get better videos? That's the topic for Airsoftology in this Q&A Mondays episode.

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Airsoftology: WinGun CO2 MP40 SMG

A video taken By Airsoftology during the TWAAA Camo Festival 2017 that took place last June in Taipei shows a CO2-Powered MP40. It is not airsoft as it is a 4.5mm (.177 caliber) or airgun caliber. According to Jonathan Higgs, this is made by WinGun which is mainly made of metal with some parts made of plastic. Firing in full-auto it sounds really good. Now, if they make a version for airsoft, we'll grab one quick.

"700 FPS Sniper Rifle At An Airsoft Game?!"

It's another question on airsoft safety for this Q&A Monday episode of Airsoftology. We do not know if there are sites that allow a 700 fps airsoft sniper but in a part of the world there are games organised that call for "open fps". If you ask us, we don't encourage nor condone such. Anyway, watch the video below:

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