Airsoft Atlanta: Gate Aster MOSFET


Airsof Atlanta: Gate Aster MOSFET

Airsoft Atlanta are carrying the Aster MOSFET from Gate Electronics. Better grab yourse before they run out of stock... "The Gate Aster mosfet unit for airsoft version 2 M4 gearboxes. This is the basic module unit. Comes in front or rear wired configurations. This world's first 4th generation AEG Control System is destined for most of AEGs with gearbox V2 on the market (including stock, low- and mid-tuned) and even for high-tuned guns (in case of EXPERT firmware). It was designed to achieve maximum reliability at attractive price and hence it has extremely profitable price-performance ratio.

The Aster essentially a scaled down Titan unit with less options, but retaining all the key and important functions 90% of players want in their mosfet unit.

Comes in front or rear wired.  Most guns use a rear wired (where your battery is housed).

Transform your AEG by replacing trigger contacts with computerized controller equipped with innovative optical sensors, including proximity trigger sensor which offers even 250 sensitivity settings. Gain a unique tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response and lots of other useful functions. ASTER's smart fuse protects your AEG’s battery, motor and the controller, even in case of reverse battery connection.This feature, along with the optical sensors, makes ASTER the most durable drop-in unit on the market. You choose how to configure ASTER - simply via trigger or through USB-Link / Blu-Link* and our advanced GCS app.To enjoy full potential of ASTER, you can upgrade its firmware to ADVANCED or EXPERT."

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26 Feb 2020

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