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New Beartooth Radio Works With Most Smartphones For Squad Comms

Beartooth Smartphone Radio

Almost three years ago, I wrote about the Beartooth, a case that turns your smartphone into a squad radio and at the same time also acts as an extra battery to power your smartphone over longer periods. It was and still is a unique concept that allows airsofters to lessen their devices for communications as there is no need to purchase a spare radio for squad communications during airsoft games. With the Beartooth, your smartphone is your small unit radio with no need for cellular or wifi connection to use it.

However, the limitation of that Beartooth radio case is that it can accommodate few smartphone models --- mainly the latest high-end iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. Thus, it is not a one-size fits all device in which you can use any android or iPhone model with it.

Old Beartooth Design (2014)

Now that has changed with the new Beartooth design.

New Beartooth Design (2016)

In order to accommodate more iPhone and Android devices, the new Beartooth is now a separate device rather than as smartphone case design. The Beartooth, which is on pre-order now, is purchased as a pair so you can have the other to be used with another smartphone so you can start working with it quickly with a friend. You download the Beartooth app then pair the Beartooth to your iOS or Android smartphone and you’re ready to use your smartphone to do the following:

  • Voice - Push-to-talk means quick communication between you and your crew up to 5 miles away.
  • Text - One-on-one or group texts to any Beartooth users up to 10 miles away over 900mh ISM band.
  • Maps - The topographic Beartooth maps are made for the explorer.
  • Charging - Enough to fully charge an iPhone 7 1.5 times as it has a 3000 mah lithium ion battery.

You can put the Beartooth in your pocket or pouch and just forget each there when you’re on the move as long as it stays paired to your mobile phone.

If you want to use Beartooth Radio in your travels, better check the local laws of the country you’re visiting if they allow use 902Mhz to 928Mhz for license free amateur communications. How the problem with this frequency range is that it can be for amateur use in Region 2 of ITU, and that covers Americas including Greenland and some of Eastern Pacific Islands.  So if you are in the ITU Region 1 or Region 3, you might not be allowed to use Beartooth.

For squad text communications in milsim events and airsoft events, Beartooth uses 256-bit AES symmetric key encryption to keep messaging secure. With the maps and location, you can leave breadcrumbs and able to keep track of your teammates (all should be using Beartooth) so you can coordinate movements to an objective.

That sounds good isn’t it? Now for the price, you will to shell out US$249 for a pair of Beartooths and that is introductory pre-order price and it will go up once it starts shipping. If you want order for your squad, contact them if they allow for squad discounts.