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Need More Realism? Find All The Inert Training Devices Under One Roof

Inert Training Products EOD Training Device

The ultimate aim of any serious airsoft event organizer, especially for an airsoft event organizer, is to give as much realism as they can. After all, airsoft players want to immerse themselves in almost “realistic” situations without the inherent dangers of a real world situation. Thus, many airsoft players always get excited when they see the use of actual military vehicles as well as replicas of other heavy hardware and weapons.

With the scenarios being developed by organizers, they always consider what props they provide to make the experience more immersive. For the props, they should be made to look like the real thing as much as possible. Indeed, we do see some airsoft companies providing props such as replica bombs, explosives, and even missiles.

But for now, these airsoft companies can’t provide anything closer to what this Scranton, Pennsylvania-based company provides for training and Hollywood. Inert Products LLC., has almost everything that any military, law enforcement, Hollywood studio, and airsoft event organizers can dream of for training, action movies, and milsim events.

We learned about Inert Products LLC., in this article on Motherboard, describing the company as “an eye-opening seller of fake Islamic State weapons, fake casualties (including body parts), simulated explosives, and replica ordnance—all in the name of military, government, and law enforcement training purposes.”

You need a Suicide Vest like those used by terrorists from ISIS, Al Qaeda, or the Taliban? You bet they have it, even those pressure cooker bombs that were used by the Boston bombers.  They have landmines, IEDs, and artillery shells that EODs can train with. They even have inert training devices that are used for X-Rays, to train screeners to identify suspicious items hidden in bags and luggage. They also have dummy guns, but of course, in airsoft, we have much better replicas in the form of AEGs, Gas  Blowbacks, Springers, and HPA-powered ones.

They are not cheap products though and civilians cannot just go to their website and purchase the items for their purposes. Sales are restricted to official use only and you probably know what means. But you might want to take a look at their website to find out which can be probably developed for the airsoft market. There might be props there that can be replicated for airsoft and milsim, as long as authorities or local laws will allow you and your buyers.


All photos from the Inert Products LLC. Facebook Page.