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"The Matrix" Is About To Get Rebooted. Take The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

The Matrix

More of Neo, Trinity and Morpheus? It’s not exactly indicated as entertainment websites in the interwebs are abuzz with news that Warner Bros are to reboot the The Matrix. One of the greatest science fiction films, The Matrix introduced “Bullet Time” and made the use of wire fu for martial arts stunts mainstream in Hollywood. Perhaps the most influential movie released in the 1990s, its influence is seen in movies and video games.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Joel Silver, the producer of the original The Matrix trilogy, is said to have broached the idea to Warner Bros of having another The Matrix film. But for Warner Bros they are still wary of having him have influence in the movie due to a strained relationship with The Wachowskis who wrote and directed the original The Matrix and without them, fans of the trilogy might not receive news of another The Matrix film with excitement.

The Matrix is about human beings used as power source by sentient machines, and are stored in pods whilst the reality they perceive to be living in is a simulated reality called “The Matrix” created by the machines in order to keep them subdued. Neo, a computer hacker, learns the truth and finds other people who have freed themselves from the “The Matrix” and he leads the rebellion with the support of Morpheus and Trinity who brought him out of “The Matrix” believing he is “The One”.

It is said that there is potential interest to have Michael B. Jordan to be the lead actor for the film, but it is still too early as there is much to be prepared for before the project really takes form.

The Wachowskis are said to be not involved in this project though the studio bosses want to talk to them first for their approval. Keanu Reeves is also interested in the new project provided that he gets to work with The Wachowskis.

The question is, what will Warner Bros get with a reboot of The Matrix, which they known has a cult following? Will they be looking into the formula being followed by Walt Disney when they bought the Star Wars franchise, ensuring that they get more than their money’s worth?  The Matrix actually expanded into comic books, animated series, and video games? But will it be as big as Star Wars?

Fans might feel ambivalent about a new The Matrix film, especially without The Wachowskis. However, from the viewpoint of an airsoft player, The Matrix will be a film that will be mined for the weapons and costumes that they want to put together for that next airsoft impression of what is seen in popular culture.

You can take the Blue Pill if you want no more of The Matrix, or the Red Pill to watch a new one. You have free will and it is your choice to make.