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Let's Welcome 2017 With A Bang! Happy New Year To Everyone!

Happy New Year 2017

There are a good number of reasons to hate 2016. Whilst it is not in the league of other years which were really terrible, still 2016 has brought a lot of anxiety and loss of hope for peoples around the world, thinking that it has gone cruel. In airsoft, it was in a way, a normal year so 2016 for airsoft there was growth with an anxious world as a background.

What do we want for 2017? A lot, I would say, and many would wish world peace and prosperity for all, which so far has remained very much elusive. To be realistic, we wish for good health and satisfaction in the New Year for ourselves, our friends, and our family.

We want a great airsofting year in 2017 where we get to experience awesome games and milsim events, as well a breakthroughs in more realistic airsoft guns that are very much safe to use.  Also in 2017, we should be vigilant at protecting our hobby as there will be efforts to ban it or regulate it to oblivion.

We wish all our friends and readers of Popular Airsoft the usual --- happiness, prosperity, peace of mind, and fantastic health and this goes out to their friends and families as well. Now, we greet 2017 with hope or steel ourselves for the surprises it has in store for us.

Happy New Year! Happy 2017!