HSGI Universal Drop Leg Platform/ SKD Tac Version


New release from SKD Tac... "This exclusive SKD version is finally answering the call from professional users who want their UDHP, but want it to ride as high as possible, allowing for a faster draw. The standard UDHP has a QD buckle which limits the adjustability when trying to mount the pistol close to the belt. Our version removes the QD option and replaces it with a straight velcro drop leg strap allowing you to mount it as high as possible, and still allows you to drop it 6"+. SKD is the only place to order these- we had to order large quantities to make this possible.


The HSGI Universal Drop Holster Platform is a replacement suspension system for the Safariland 6004 and G-Code SOC rig. Based on the excellent HSGI Diamond mesh backing, the UDHP allows the 6004/SOC Rig user to have a secure suspension system that utilizes only one strap, allows for higher placement, rides closer to the body, and has a modular PALS interface. Also, the UDHP incorporates a Quick Release drop leg strap with two belt mounts.


Installation of your holster is easy- simply remove the holster body from it`s current backing, and reinstall on the UDHP with the existing bolt hardware. All you need to do is make a few holes (detailed instructions included)."

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26 Feb 2020

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