G&G Day 2020 At The Rock Airsoft


Bravo Whiskey G&G Day 2020 At The Rock Airsoft

Video from Bravo Whiskey on the G&G Day 2020 at The Rock Airsoft that took place last 28 July... "This is gameplay from G&G Day 2020 at the ROCK Airsoft field in Bolivar, Missouri.

The objective of the game was to capture vital areas around the field via flags, like conquest in Battlefield games. And to also get the civilian militia on our side (didn't happen). Due to the summer heat and midwest humidity, a lot of players began to walk off the field within the first couple hours. To keep the last group of survivors playing, we regrouped and stayed within the town to play a few rounds of team deathmatch. I hope you enjoy the video, if so go ahead leave a like and subscribe if you aren't already! Thanks for the support!"

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01 Oct 2020

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