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GoPro Squeezes In 6 Cameras In The 360-Degree 5.2K Fusion Camera

GoPro Fusion

It looks like that 2017 will be the year of 360 cameras. There is the Samsung Gear 360 and the Nikon KeyMission 360 already released, and Facebook also announced their Surround 360 x24 and x6. GoPro will be jumping into this segment late this year with their 5.2K Camera called GoPro Fusion.

Yes, you read it right. It’s not just 4K resolution, it is 5.2K and that goes over the existing offerings from its competitors.

The GoPro Fusion does VR and Non-VR videos and photos whilst it avoids using the term “360 degree” like the other companies’ offerings. Instead it use the term “Overcapture” as explained by Jess Foley, GoPro Senior Product Manager of Spherical Solutions:

Imagine never having to worry about framing your subject…ever. Yes, cameras do the heavy lifting already, but it still takes the eye to compose a shot, right? Well, thanks to Fusion, our users will be able to record their moments in all directions and then go back and choose the composition they want. This is referred to as OverCapture or reframing. It’s like having a camera team with you when you shoot capturing your primary and b-roll footage. From there, you have the flexibility in post-production to pick and share all sides of your story in conventional HD

Thus, if the user does not intend to create VR footage, using OverCapture shows the different angles that the user can create regular high definition videos, showing the story at different angles. If I got this right, an airsoft YouTuber may not necessarily need different action cams mounted in different directions to capture airsoft action footages at different angles or points of view. Instead, using the GoPro Fusion, he/she can get these different angles with just one mounted device although the airsofter may look like a Teletubby wearing a spherical device on top of the helmet.

It may look good for other sports, airsofters and other shooters may still need to have another action cam mounted on their guns as the angle of them shooting (showing them looking through the sight or optic) is another perspective that an spherical camera will not be able to provide.

Still, being the king of Action Cameras, the GoPro Fusion will find airsofters who want to capture the airsoft action in VR, 360, or HD. It can also help game organisers show their game sites in 360 allowing their customers to see the different layouts of the game site online using the VR option.

GoPro are having a pilot program for the Fusion, where they will allow brands, agencies and content makers to create content with the Fusion, trying all the possibilities that can be done with it. If you are interested, you can apply to become part of the pilot.