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Experience Airsoft On The Island Of Crete In War Zone 5: The Green Zone

War Zone

War Zone is a 3-Day airsoft event designed by “R.A. Action”, the Official Airsoft club of Rethimno, which is based on the island of Crete, in Greece. It is an annual airsoft large scale event and for 2017, WarZone 5, is organized to take place on the island of Crete from the 12th to the 14th of May. One of the best airsoft sites someone could play at, is available and the organizers work hard to prepare special staff for the participants!

The field combines Urban, CQB and of course Woodland engagements. But the most important is that the topography is such so the enemy contacts are kept in relatively close distance of no more than 100 meters. This allows us to simulate battles at which airsoft is really strong, the close combat battles!

The WarZone 5 game scenario is named “The Green Zone” and is about a country where a civil war is ongoing. There are two main large factions fighting to secure the area (villages). But this is not just that! At all this mess that war creates, the scenario includes another three quite smaller factions. First come the United Nations Forces, small but heavily equipped with strong mechanized units, is deployed to secure that citizens will feel again safe by keeping clear from engagements “The Green Zone”. Secondly USA and Russian Special Forces have been deployed. Rangers and Spetsnaz units, small but specialized units (hardcore milsim airsofters) aiming to affect the battle outcome serving their country interest! Everyone understands that with five factions in the field, WarZone is far from what we call a “linear game scenario”. Usually no one can predict the final outcome. Each side is going to behave, to the rest of the faction’s, according to the policy that the player’s adopt and this is subject to change in every next moment! Participant’s real characters and random in game incidents affect the cooperation’s and betrayal’s that happen every year at WarZone

Of course all these happen while heavy engagements are taking place. The main factions have under their command various units like heavy infantry, mechanized units, Special Forces, parachutists and artillery. With these army abilities the commanding officers, having established a strong chain of command, apply real battle tactics!

This scenario and the faction abilities that organizers have designed, bring participants to a real situation and so unique, realistic emotions are created to each of them! This is the aim of playing airsoft, “to create new, unique emotions to people”.

The “R.A. Action” organizing team is a very skillful team with quite large experience having organized a lot of airsoft scenarios and of course by participating to all the large European events like Berget, Overload and Borderwar. The WarZone thought, is based on a quite different philosophy comparing to other events. As it is a 100% non profit event is supported by experienced airsoft players who volunteer to help. Due to that fact the organizers have adopted very strict behavior control policy. Airsoft players must have what we call “the right airsoft attitude” in order to perform the right way and the organizers are here to do their best to assure that. Participant’s numbers are of no importance. The concept is that “is better to have a game with 400 quality players than a game with 1,000 players randomly selected”!

The WarZone organizers make this effort focused on producing quality airsoft events and only that and so heavy filtering is applied to all participants! People who don’t behave with respect to their opponents or their teammates, people who don’t play fair, don’t follow game rules or spread stupid rumors and so destroy the game, are noted down. Not only by the game masters but also all the participants are encouraged to note down players with wrong behavior. After the game complaints are gathered together, participant’s statistics are formed and players who are found presenting unacceptable behavior are banned from future events! ”.  High quality events are able to happen only if the participants have the right attitude. That’s the reason this event has very strong filtering for the participants, continuously aiming at an event of high quality. This needs effort and time but WarZone is not at all quite far from that! The motto of the organizers is: 

“I am honest, competitive as much as needed and I respect the efforts of others without being shellfish. Nobody wants a non-competitive opponent, or a dishonest opponent!! I am a “positive and active player”, I do my best so I take control of my actions and so I help also for the success of the meeting!!”


Friday 12th May to Sunday 14th May 2017
Arkadi, Rethymno
Medium – Large scale airsoft  meeting with LARP & MILSIM elements, night operations, buildings, vehicles.
Duration of  meeting: 45 hours non stop!

What is special about it:

  • Experienced administrative staff
  • Unique game field, ideal for airsoft
  • Personnel vehicles and Light armor vehichles support operations
  • Artillery
  • Filtering players on units with special features
  • Combination of  Urban and woodland field
  • LARP & MILSIM elements
  • Large-scale engagements
  • Special unit missions
  • Night-time operations
  • Airborne units
  • Large military type tents provided


  • Ability to operate within a basic, simple hierarchy and  obey commands.
  • Able to comply with the regulations set by the organizers with honesty.
  • Clothing, equipment and playing style according to their role.
  • Positive and willing attitude without excessive and extreme behaviors.