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E-Blanks: Cost Effective & Safe Simulated Live Firing System For Field Training


Live-fire  training exercises are important in any serious military organization. But such exercises entail logistics that will costs a lot of money ranging from fuel, vehicle repair, and blanks for safety when doing live firing. And to determine if soldiers were able to “kill” the enemy soldiers and vehicles, they also use some laser systems to simulate the kill and usually they use the MILES or Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System that is mounted on the rifles and other weapons and used in conjunction with blanks to simulate battlefield noise.

It can also bring more realism to Milsim events for milsimers looking for such an equipment.

But using blanks can costs money, and for military organisations with smaller budgets, any solution that can combine both the MILES and blank firing features into one system can help them save a lot in money and still be able to conduct simulated live firing exercises. In this case, a Norwegian company just created the solution for the budget-conscious military.

E-Blanks AS present their solution, also named as E-Blanks, as a cost effective alternative for live firing as it bills itself as a lower cost and environment friendly system. Developed to highest military standards, they can be used in harsh conditions where soldiers and police forces train in. Since it uses advanced electronics to simulate muzzle flash, recoil, and rifle sound, it does not use actual blank bullets that will be left in the environment after a live exercise. Since it uses electronics, it does not need even Simunitions or pellets, making it extremely safe to use in a live exercise.

Here’s how E-Blanks describe the technical aspects of the system:

E-blanks technology is built into magazines that replicate real magazines and consists of a rechargeable battery, sound device and control unit (electronics). This is assembled to be water, dust and shockproof.

The magazine is specially designed for each weapon type. The recoil module consists of robust mechanical system that respond on the same way as a weapon bolt when firing. This module has a connection to the magazine and a light beam that is designed to fit into the chamber.

The light beam will hit the muzzle flash reflector to simulate a live firing muzzle flash. A recoil is a closed module that will strike with the desired strength and speed to achieve the weapon`s mechanical functions and give recoil.

These modules are protected on the inside of the weapon. Included with the system are a stationary troop level battery charger and single/patrol field battery charger.

A 30 round magazine can be used several times before it requires recharging. At magazine change there will be a filling up time by pushing button for each shot. The system is designed to maintain the normal weapon SOP’s in use.

For Milsimers who want another level of realism such as simulating a live firearm which airsoft has not yet reached that degree of realism, they may want to look into E-Blanks. An example is the Milsim West in the USA, which combines the use of blank firing firearms in their milsim events to simulate the staccato of live weapons fire and these are dispersed to trusted cadres.

An interesting product really for advanced milsim use in the civilian markets as well as budget live training device for military and security organisations, how we wish that it also has a laser designator and receiver just like the MILES system to confirm “kills”, making it an ideal training device.