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Cybergun & Glock Win Case Against Unauthorised Airsoft Replicas

Glock 17 Gen 4

Probably by now most airsoft players will think of the Airsoft Glock as the pistols released by Umarex under a licensing agreement. But there are two licensees of the airsoft Glock with Cybergun being the other holder of the agreement. However, Cybergun is limited to releasing the airsoft replicas in the Mil/LE market in October 2015 and then it was extended for the civilian market in August 2017, can only sell the licensed airsoft Glocks in France and other French Territories. Umarex gets the market outside of France and her territories.

This agreement allowed Cybergun to bag a contract to supply to French Interior Ministry airsoft replicas to equip all schools and regional training centers of the National Police.

The company is known for its litigious behaviour in the airsoft industry being aggressive in the protection of its licences and others intellectual properties. The latest companies to be at the receiving end of its legal offensives are two French airsoft companies, Nouvelle Europ'Arm and BO Manufacture. Cybergun sued both companies for distributing unauthorized Glock airsoft replicas in violation of its licence from Glock.

According to, Cybergun won its case against the two companies with the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Rennes ruling in favour of the company. Both companies have been ordered “pay 50,000 Euros in damages for counterfeiting, 10,000 Euros for unfair competition and to destroytheir stocks of counterfeit goods.”

In a press release, Hugo BRUGIÈRE, Vice President and General Manager of CYBERGUN, said, "We have supported this GLOCK initiative from the outset, and today I am pleased with this decision, which demonstrates our ability to work closely with our partners and for others to recognize our rights. This is a strong signal addressed to counterfeiters, in France and abroad."

Both Nouvelle Europ'Arm and BO Manufacture have not yet put out statements with regards to this case. Surely such fines and order to destroy their stocks of unlicensed airsoft Glocks will affect their bottomline.