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Concealed Carry Holster Masks Pistol By Looking Like a Mobile Phone

Pistol Mask

It is not something for airsoft players to get excited about since there is no need for concealed carry airsoft guns, unless the role allows in an airsoft gun. But concealed carry products are always interesting to look into as people go to great lengths to ensure that their weapons are not seen in public.

In this case, a company called 5 Stone Products LLC., have developed a concealed carry holster that you they think will surely not get attention since almost everybody in the world has one --- a mobile phone. Called the Pistol Mask, it, errr… masks your pistol as it looks like a mobile phone tucked to carrier’s waist. It is  not exactly an original idea as there are some designs based on the same idea, such as the EEA Abdo Concealed Carry Holster. The Pistol Mask hides the bulk of the pistol that is tucked to the waist unlike the Abdo that looks like a very big mobile phone that is clipped to the belt.

To access the pistol, spring loaded panels snap open to allow the owner to quickly access the pistol when it is needed most with earth magnets keeping these panel closes when the pistol is not needed. The make it look not bulky which may indicate that there is a gun concealed, its tiered design and dual colours make it look thinner and allow to blend with colours popularly worn to work or outside.

It will be able to take in sub-compact pistols with a thickness of 1.05” or less, and a height of 4.6” or less and a good number of pistols can fit such as the Walther PPS, S&W M&P Shield, Glock 43 with extended mag, and the Sig Sauer P328.

With the bigger size mobile phones nowadays, the Pistol Mask may not be easily noticed, but most mobile phones nowadays are way thinner than before that a 1.05” inch “mobile phone” might look out of place that it might invite suspicion to the trained eye. But if you want one, it is available right now at the 5 Stone Products website where you can order one for US$99.00.