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Chris Costa Launches His "Costa Ludus"

Costa Ludus

There were two high profile resignations from Magpul Industries. The first one was Travis Haley who has planted firmly his Haley Strategic Partners where he does training and even product development under his own name. The other is Chris Costa, the former CEO of Magpul Dynamics, and he follows Travis' footsteps by establishing his own consulting and training group, Costa Ludus.

(Chris Costa photo taken by Stickman of Military Times Gear Scout.)

Costa Ludus, "Ludus" is the Roman word for "training" has offers training services ranging from handgun employment to night operations. Another thing is his consulting section which helps companies "help define and build your product based on mission requirements including functionality and durability."

He further explains the use of the Trident, Shield, and Net as his company logo, and his training philosophy:

Due to my background, I found it fitting to choose the trident, shield and net to represent Costa Ludus. My family has been in the maritime industry for a very long time. My grandfather was in World War II in the Navy. Then he was employed as a master rigger for Concordia Company, Inc. One of my uncles was a New England fisherman and tug engineer, while another uncle is a retired U.S. Coast Guard Vietnam veteran. My father retired from the U.S. Coast Guard with 20 years of service, and he is now a licensed Captain. I spent 12 years in the U.S. Coast Guard before joining the private sector at Applied Marine Technologies Inc. (AMTI).

Costa Ludus conducts training for the game of life, where the knowledge and skills learned in training may one day translate over to the streets or battlefield, determining life or death. We train others with the understanding that life is bigger than us. We understand the sacrifices that others make on a daily basis for our freedoms – that is why we take training so seriously.

Costa Ludus has a Syndicate section which provides a list of brands/companies which has products that they have evaluated thoroughly and endorse for their clients to use. Curiously, we didn't find Magpul in this list.

If you are curious about the Costa Ludus training schedules, you can check the training section so you can determine which of the training schedules you may want to join. The training schedules are all for 2012, giving you more time to decide and budget should you plan to undergo any of these.