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Built From Scratch Airsoft ZPU-2, Browning .50 Cal, XM714, & More! Airsoft ZPU-2 From Scratch

If there is an event where you can see some unique airsoft guns built from the ground up for tge event’s purposes, you have to look to the Land of the Rising Sun, or for those in airsoft, the land where airsoft began. The Modern Military Meeting (MMM) is an event where the Japanese airsoft community mass in numbers with airsoft tinkerers also bringing their latest creations for the community to gawk at., the other respectable Japanese airsoft, tactical and military news blog republish their report about some big airsoft guns that have been customized for the MMM 2013, which took place in March 2013. Why are they republishing? They want to show to their readers their high quality reports so they make a selection of stories to repost, and this one made the list as they prepare new stories for 2017. It is also a relief for us that we get to read this as we seemed to have missed these report three years ago.

So what are these airsoft guns built from scratch for the MMM2013? Here they are but you can learn more about them by going to the repost:

Airsoft ZPU-2

Based on the Soviet ZPU-2 double barreled anti-aircraft gun, this posts no real threat to aircraft though for drones used in an airsoft event, they better watch out if for this baddie if they are also in play (meaning airsoft players can shoot at drones, which is a rare thing in airsoft). This was built using specifications that can be found on the internet so there is no telling if this is a faithful airsoft reproduction of the ZPU-2. If you need an AA for airsoft game, then you can call for this one.

Airsoft Browning .50 Cal

Not exactly a rarity these days are there have been many custom airsoft .50 cals in airsoft around the world. But building one from scratch is a crowning achievement for any serious airsoft gunsmith who loves building things from scratch.

Airsoft XM174 Grenade Launcher

This is more an AEG, using a though we are not sure of it uses the 40mm shell grenades for an airsoft game. This is based on the XM174 40mm grenade launcher that saw action during the Vietnam War.

Airsoft DShKM

Also built from scratch is the DShKM airsoft heavy machine gun. Introduced in 1938 and is still in use today, it is usually seen on two-wheels but is also tripod mounted or vehicle mounted.

Airsoft MK19 Grenade Launcher 

Seen in action in Afghanistan this is either operated on a tripod or mounted on Humvees for quick support of frontline troops and can lay a good number of grenades in a short time that can immediately disrupt an enemy’s attack or provide offensive support for troops that need some clearing of the path ahead that is full of enemy troops.

Airsoft PKM

There are off the shelf airsoft PKM’s that can be bought. But no one’s stopping anyone from building one from scratch. In this case both the wood and standard version were built for MMM 2013.

The MMM 2013 took place last 2 March 2013 in the Wakayama Prefecture. All photos here are owned by