"Airsoft Is A Mentality, Not A Sport"

Gungho Cowboy

Jason Lee Clancy dropped us a message at our Facebook Page last 23 December on an article written by someone we are familiar with and welcome to see him write something from him again. Arthur "Lex" Lowther is well known in airsoft communities in the US. He may not be as famous as the other airsoft personalities who have their YouTube Channel; but when he writes something, it gives us pause as it's always something to reflect on being airsofters.

His article written for Airsoft Scoop called "Airsoft Mentality" is something for us around the world to read and reflect on. It is perhaps the most recommended article to read as we come near the end of 2013.

Lex initially writes about starting in Paintball which turned into having more "kills" and "dropping the mentality of Quality over Quantity" has led to "tournaments, bragging rights, main stream mentality, sponsorship wars... and thus we have what Paintball has turned into today... a Mess." With the rise of airsoft and decline of paintball in many areas, Lex does not want the mentality of paintball overcome what airsoft has now evolved into --- being a game of honour, teamwork, objectives, and gentlemen/ladies.

He posits that airsoft is always about honourable Milsim game play and disdains the development of tournaments and leagues as 2013 saw proposals of tournament formats that may just put airsoft on the path of being turned into a mess just like Paintball.

Though for now, I can say to him that he has no reason to be fully alarmed as there is no single tournament format that has gotten  a big following amongst airsoft organisers around the world. Save for airsoft practical shooting, which follows an already set traditions of IPSC or IDPA, and it is more about shooting skills than racking up points through "kills", airsoft in "skirmish" tournament forms hasn't evolved into something akin to having a "League" format followed around the world.

For Lex, airsoft should be more on "Operations" rather than "Tournaments." It is irrelevant that a certain side in airsoft operation loses since it is more about working together to achieve or defend objectives, and not about "kills". It is also irrelevant who wears the best tactical gear and the most expensive and upgraded airsoft gun. In airsoft, it is more about what gets the job done and attaining objectives whilst at the same time promote "Comradery, Teamwork, Honor, Integrity, Discipline, Safety, and Fun" as Lex puts it. I guess Lex has seen those words disappear in Paintball, or being given lip service treatment at best and he doesn't want such to be lost in Airsoft.

Do you agree with him? Or do you think there is still a place for some "tournament" types of airsoft events. Well, for now, airsoft communities can explore various avenues of making airsoft competitive without losing the spirit of what airsoft is all about. Airsoft will always need to evolve in order to make still interesting for many players at present and in the future. If it will evolve, it will just stagnate and players will just move on to other fields.

Have an open mind, read what Lex has to say, and it may just guide you in planning that next airsoft event.

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