Will You Be One Of The 99 Owners Of The RWA Nighthawk Custom AGENT 1?


RWA Agent Nighthawk Custom Agent 1

Yes, that’s right. If you want to be one of the owners of the just released Limited Edition RWA Nighthawk Custom AGENT 1 and be one of the 99 owners, then you will be in an exclusive club. As far as we as we know, this is the most “limited” release of airsoft gas blowback pistol. Once they’re gone, they’re gone so better move quickly.

The partnership between RWA and Nighthawk Custom is going strong and they have been released impressive products since the partnership started. The first RWA Nighthawk Custom airsoft handgun released was the Nighthawk Custom Global Response Pistol Recon Version or better called as the GRP was a joy to use. Just ask Popular Airsoft’s Dom, who highly recommended it, writing that “if you can afford this replica then you won't regret purchasing whatever your reason might be.”

The RWA Nighthawk Custom AGENT 1 is fully licensed from Nighthawk Custom, Agency Arms, Rail Scales, and Hillbilly 223 and is faithfully reproduced for the airsoft market using the original blue prints from the real deal pistol. The custom Cerakote is from Hillbilly 223 Center and comes with a metal carry case. As for spare magazines, it uses the Tokyo Marui 1911 gas magazines. But it's best to let RedWolf Airsoft, which already has it in stock, to tell more about it.

Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms have long been two of the most iconic licensed represented by RWA and both companies make some of the finest products in their respective categories. The two real steel companies seem to be on different spectrums and the thought of seeing both of them collaborate felt like something of a dream, but dreams do come true in the form of the Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms cross collaboration project, the Agent 1.

The Agent 1 is a cross collaboration effort namely between Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms with additional support from Rail Scales and Hillbilly 223 Urban Cerakote Finishes. The slide work of the pistol is done by the geniuses at Agency Arms, taking the traditional shape and look of the 1911 and bringing it into the 21st century. Each serration and slide cut is crafted to give the traditional 1911 a more sleek, and aggressive look.

The frame of the pistol is crafted expertly by the gunsmiths at Nighthawk Custom. This frame is not your typical frame seen on just any other 1911, this is a custom frame specially made for the Agent 1. The frame itself is "full sized" but cut short to facilitate the shorter slide seen on the gun. This ensures the shooter has the best possible grip when holding the pistol and at the same time it can facilitate the shorter slide, much like a Glock 19X.

The grip panels are licensed by Rail Scales, a high quality, premium grip manufacturer in the United States that made the same grips for the real steel Agent 1. The importance of this is that the RWA Agent 1 features a fully licensed set of grip panels, which could potentially be the first of its kind, a fully licensed set of grips. The large dimples on the grips make gripping the pistol very comfortable and will keep your hand glued on the pistol even if they are moist.

Finally, each pistol is custom cerakoted at our Hillbilly 223 Cerakote Center, by hand. Our world class cerakote applicators are certified by Hillbilly 223 to apply the same process and color to each RWA Agent 1 as seen and done on the real steel pistol. Each RWA Agent 1 is hand coated and hand treated to ensure no two pistols are alike, making every one of them unique.

The RWA Nighthawk Custom AGENT 1 is an ultra limited edition pistol with 99 pieces being made for world wide sale. This pistol is not only designed to be an airsoft gun you can play with but also as a designer piece you can take out and enjoy. Its crafted as close to a real steel pistol as any airsoft gun can possibly be and owning 1 of 99 puts any owner in a very exclusive club!! Includes:

  • 1 RWA Nighthawk Custom AGENT 1
  • 1 26 Rnd Magazine.
  • 1 Certificate of Authenticity
RWA Agent Nighthawk Custom Agent 1 02


RWA Agent Nighthawk Custom Agent 1 03


RWA Agent Nighthawk Custom Agent 1 04


RWA Agent Nighthawk Custom Agent 1 05


Now convinced that it is something that you might want to have in your treasured collection of valuable airsoft guns? Then better move quickly, 99 pieces will not stay in the shelves for long.

But then the cost of being a member of an exclusive member of  the 99 Club, there is a big price to pay, and it is USD$1,288.00.

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