TOP 5 Firefield Gear Essentials To Gift Your Loved One This Christmas


Firefield Xmas Gift Ideas 2023

Believe it or not Christmas is around the corner. Now is the perfect moment to assess your gear, guilt-free, and fill in any missing equipment. It's that special time of year when we strive to bring joy to our loved ones, and, theoretically, they're eager to do the same for us. 

To avoid useless gifts and spending we created the ultimate gift guide for Airsoft and beginner shooters. Treat yourself to a gift, and/or let your loved ones know what you want. 

Gear prices can fluctuate widely, and splurging might leave us with little for the holiday table. Let's explore the sweet spot where quality meets affordability. 

1.  Firefield Barrage 2.5-10x40 (€ 118.79) , 3-year warranty:

Every airsoft player deserves a reliable optic with magnification that can lead them to victory, and the Firefield Barrage 2.5-10x40 is here to make it happen. Wondering why it's a top pick? Barrage boasts fully multi-coated lenses, exceptional clarity, and light transmission, creating a distortion-free view that elevates the entire shooting experience. Adding to its appeal is the customizable reticle color—choose between red, green, and black, guaranteeing perfect visibility in any lighting condition. With Christmas just around the corner, you'll appreciate the Barrage's resilience to harsh weather conditions, thanks to its IPX4-weatherproof rating. Rain or snow, the Firefield Barrage 2.5-10x40 have your back, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for the upcoming holiday season. 

2. Firefield Impact Mini Reflex Sight W/45-degree mount (€ 93.50) or Firefield Impact Reflex Sight (€ 82.49): 

Firefield Impact Mini Reflex Sight
Photo credit: @mr_hitman_nld

Every airsoft enthusiast has unique preferences, and for many, red dots are a preferred optic. To the spotlight here are the Firefield Impact Mini Reflex Sight W/45-degree mount and the Firefield Impact Reflex Sight. But fear not if both are sold out; the Impact family offers a range of 5 different red dots, with prices ranging from €82,49 to €120,99.  Impact Mini Reflex Sight W/45-degree mount, the little brother in the family. This gem provides a low-profile weapon mount, ensuring a quicker target lock, comfortable aiming, and a sleek appearance. The Impact Reflex Sight boasts an operating temperature from -17 to 50 degrees, making it perfect for any condition imaginable.  

3. Firefield BattleTek Weapon Light (€ 82.49) or Firefield Charge AR Green Laser and Light Combo (€131.99): 

Firefield BattleTek Weapon Light
Photo credit: @riko_tactical

The BattleTek Weapon Light, your partner’s trusty ally for navigating the dark.  On the flip side is the Charge AR Green Laser and Light Combo – the ultimate multitasker. Featuring both flashlight and green laser, quick target acquisition in low light conditions. Whether you need to brighten the target up or aim with a laser focus, these lights have your six covered. 

Firefield Charge AR Green Laser and Light Combo
Photo credit: @Damiano Di Bono

4. Firefield 9-14 Inch Bipod (23 to 36 cm) (€71.50) or Firefield 6-9 Inch Compact Bipod (15 to 23 cm) (€71.49): 

Firefield 9-14 Inch Bipod
Firefield 9-14 Inch Bipod

Both have compatible body style that fits all rifle and shotgun barrels. The rubber feet create maximum stability, and its lightweight body is perfect for storage and carry. 

Firefield 6-9 Inch Compact Bipod
Firefield 6-9 Inch Compact Bipod 

5. Firefield Rival M-LOK (€36.95): 

Firefield Rival M-LOK
Firefield Rival M-LOK

The foregrip ensures stability and full control over your weapon. Rival Foregrips are designed to be one of the lightest grips possible, weighing in at just under 140 grams due to a skeletonized body. 

Here you have the perfect shopping list. Let's make that Christmas unforgettable. 

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