Brain Exploder: "Why I Use REAL Optics On My FAKE Guns"


Whilst many of us in airsoft are happy using replica optics on our airsoft guns, the Brain Exploder prefers to use the real deal. He explains why in his video and also shows the real optics he uses... "I go into a detailed history of how I ended up owning real optics designed for real firearms, why I believe they are worth the price and why I will never use knock offs or poor quality imitations.

I highly recommend these optics and I have no regrets on purchasing any of them."

Brain Exploder: Elite Force MP5 With Avalon Internals


The Brain Exploder brings to action an Elite Force MP5 AEG that has VFC Avalon internals in this video... "Hello Exploders in this strange time of nothing happening on the social level I have for you the last time I went out to airsoft. This time I fielding my brand new Elite Force MP5 with Avalon internals supplied by Elite Force directly.

Lancer Tactical Distributed RPG-7 Quick Look


"An Airsoft RPG that actually fires like an RPG," that's how the Brain Exploder describes the Lancer Tactical RPG-7 for airsoft use in this overview video... "An exclusive look at the Lancer Tactical Distributed RPG-7. This thing is unique in that it functions almost identical to the real thing even down to having an optional explosive warhead that is activated on impact and blows up a plastic shell with pressure much like a Thunder B.

Brain Exploder: Insane POV Game Play


What we love about Brain Exploder is that he experiments with his action cameras to give you the best gameplay capture. In this video, he goes into action with the LCT VSS AEG, with a better POV... "Airsoft POV this time showcasing the LCT VSS and its unique ability to be both a mid range weapon as well as a close up carbine. Moving through Wildlands airsoft with a small team trying to collect the rest of the field while taking down enemies through the PSO-1 scope. Love this thing. Enjoy the POV."

Brain Exploder: Dual POV Eye Camera


Brain Exploder tests the Dual POV Eye Camera setup for more camera POVs in in getting footage of the airsoft action... "Picked a hot day to head out for some airsoft action. Testing out the next stage of the POV camera this time in dual eye mode. I was annoyed every time I shot off my left shoulder that I couldn't see my optic in the video so had to go and make some changes to make sure that's not an issue.

POV Gameplay With GBLS DAS GDR-15


Another POV gameplay video from the Brain Exploder as he gets to further use the realitic-operation M4 AEG, the GBLS DAS GDR-15 at a local field... "What happens when you combine the most authentic airsoft replica the GBLS GD15 and my new true to life way to record in real POV? Awesomeness that's what. Check out this gameplay as I take the GDR-15 to a local field for some fast paced fast chopped gameplay to get you hyped for your airsoft weekend."

Adding A Top ARC Rail To Night Helmet


The Brain Exploder shows how he adds a Top ARC Rail to his night helmet, allowing him to attach more accessories... "The helmet has come a long way from just protecting your head. In modern day airsoft use it is a whole mobile studio so space is at a premium. I found a solution that adds more mounting options and keeps everything in place.

TruPOV Update From The Brain Exploder


The Brain Exploder did some more tweaking to get a better POV video in airsoft which he calls TruPOV... "My new obsession with TruPOV continues and it continues to evolve. I am one step closer to capturing that angle that lets me share what I see on the field with you guys.

Today I am taking the ARES SLR from Airsoft Megastore for a run. I have made a few changes to it to suit my play style. I created a custom top rail for the bolt cover to mount an optic to and I reworked the hopup to include the B-Hop patch.

Brain Exploder's Runcam & Side Rail Mount


Magic Knives do an honest review of the Runcam & Side Rail Mount from the Brain Exploder that allows you to have the Runcam action cam capture the airsoft action mounted on your airsoft gun... "I've recently upgraded my zoom cam to the Runcam 2/Airsoft Runcam by BrainExploder as well as the Side rail mount recently released. Here's my review on what I think so far. Thanks for Watching!"

"A Very Fair Night Airsoft Battle"


Another night ops for the Brain Exploder as teams go up against each other and they are all wearing NVGs, will it be an even match? Watch the video... "A large group of night vision users set out on a night raid of the the enemy team but they are ready for us with NV Goggles, Laser and Illuminators. A back and forth breaks out with tracers flying all around. Confusion is at an all time high and things get tense."

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