First look at Holosun P.ID Lights By Polenar Tactical


Learn about the Holosun P.ID lights in this video put out by Polenar Tactical... "We take a closer look at the Holosun P.ID line of weapon mounted lights. Once again Holosun managed to make a quality product for a reasonable price point. Žiga tries out all the models, from the standard PID to PID HC, PID Plus and PID Dual.

Using Your Phone As A Scope


A phone nowadays is like a digital Swiss Army Knife, it can do a lot of things and the list just keeps piling up. But how about as scope to be mounted on rifle? Polenar Tactical explains how you can use it for target acquisition... "We try to use a mobile phone as a magnifier in front of a reddot. The phone has optical and digital zoom that can help with target identification and designation. Using a phone as a magnifier can even improve the accuracy of the hits."

Polenar Tactical: Is The MP5 Still A Viable SMG?


Perhaps the most iconic SMG, the MP5 saw widespread adoption in many forces around the world, but is still a viable SMG given new 9mm firearms in the market. Polenar Tactical talks about the MP5 in this video... "H&K MP5 is probably one of the best submachineguns ever made. The iconic design with reliable roller delayed blowback operating system is not just viable but still in use today and will probably be for many decades to come.

Polenar Tactical's Favourite SBR Gun Bag


Polenar Tactical explains why the Helikon SBR Gun Bag is his favourite in this video... "The SBR rifle bag is an amazing carrying solution for AR rifles. It will fit 10.5 inch rifles with no problem and 12.5 is the max you can put inside. Also fits 16.5 inch rifles if you separate the upper and lower receiver. You can fit two AR rifles inside of it, they are separated by a soft foam wall that can be removed.

Hand Grenades: How Do They Work?


Hmmmm... pull the pin and toss it towards the enemy? Simple isn't it, but of course it's not really as simple as that whether airsoft or real world dangerous grenades. Just watch Polenar Tactical talk about using hand grenades... "When the pin is pulled, hand grenade is not your friend anymore.

There are many different hand grenades out there but most of them work on a very similar principle where you have the hand grenade body, a detonator, a safety spoon and a pin.

Polenar Tactical Reviews The Arex Zero 2


A real steel review of the Slovenian-made Arex Zero 2 Pistol by Polenar Tactical... "Arex Zero 2 is an all-metal double action handgun made in Slovenia. Zero 2 is the new flagship handgun from Arex. It was developed and improved from the Zero 1, which has unquestionable reliability, great accuracy and a competitive price.

In this review we take a closer look at the improvements and changes made to this formidable handgun."

Forgotten Weapons Roasts Polenar's Terrible AK Rifle


Perhaps you want a roast of real steel gun this time instead of Cisco of Airsoft GI doing his roast. Here is one from Polenar Tactical... "Ian McCollum from Forgotten Weapons takes a closer look at Polenar's AK and is absolutely appalled by the heavy and outdated modification to a classic Zastava M70 ab2 rifle."

Polenar Tactical's Range Day With Helikon-Tex


Watch Polenar Tactical try out the Helikon Competition MultiGun Rig at the range... "A few weeks ago, we hit the range to test out the Competition MultiGun Rig from Helikon Tex. We decided to experiment a bit with the intro and selection of music for this video and we think it turned out great.

I hope you will enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it."

Polenar Tactical: How To Shoot Better... On Camera


Well, somebody has to do it and Polenar Tactical does it to help budding YouTubers in the firearms and even airsoft industries. In this case, if you want to look impressive in your videos at least learn how to shoot better on camera. Do you know any airsoft YouTuber who does this best? We're listening... "Why even bother training if you can just look better on camera :)"

Polenar "Bring it On!": CQB Shooting Drill


Watch this video of a CQB shooting drill from Polenar Tactical which is a part of their "Bring It On!" series... "The fourth instalment of our 'Bring it On!' series of videos. It shows a 4 man fireteam approach, breach and clear a warehouse. This video was made in cooperation with UF PRO®, a Slovenian company that makes professional garment systems.

We used their Striker HT tactical pants and Striker XT Gen 2 combat shirts in this video."

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