Classic Army SR40 Airsoft BASR


The Classic Army SR40, a reincarnation of the much well received Classic Army M40 bolt action airsoft sniper rifle, is in stock at Airsoft GI and comes with the licensed trademarks... "The Classic Army SR40 mimics commonly used bolt action sniper rifles used by law enforcement and security agencies. Every CA SR40 Airsoft Rifle has a metal receiver with a Picatinny rail to provide the user an option of mounting different optics needed for the mission.

eHobby Asia: SR40 EBB & SR92 CO2 News


Earlier today, eHobby Asia posted notice that they are expecting some airsoft guns from Star Rainbow Company (SRC) which for collectors, would be good additions to their arsenal. The first one if the SRC SR02 CO2 Pistol Luxury Edition which will come in four different variants and each will come with a carry case. They are also made of CNC Stainless Steel Slide, and steel outer barrel and parts.

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06 Aug 2020

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