Airsoftology: Spectre RDP By Echo1


The Echo1 USA Spectre RDP gets the attention of Jonathan Higgs in this Airsoftology video review... "Is it an electric pistol or a full powered budget sub machine gun? Watch and see as Jonathan runs the Echo1 Spectre RDP through its paces... and decide for yourself."

How To Rear Wire An Echo1 Spectre RDP


Brian of Echo1 Tech Support puts out a new video for those who want to install a battery via buffer tube for a stock-equipped Echo1 Spectre RDP AEG. He shows that the gearbox of the AEG has enough wiring that can be put into the buffer tube so that means lesser headaches in rewiring.

Howto: Echo1 Spectre RDP Stock Install


Brian shows you howto install the stock made for the Echo1 Spectre RDP in this video... "The Spectre RDP is a great little CQB gun but many have wanted to see it with a stock from Echo1 Directly or a 'how to' I have helped with the 'how to' part and hopping it helps you guys. More videos on RDP to follow like."

DesertFox Airsoft: Echo1 USA Spectre RDP


DesertFox Airsoft checks out the newly opened SC Village "Fallujah" field and goes to play with the Echo1 USA Spectre RDP AEG... "In this video we're playing on SC Village's new field (Summer 2015) Fallujah. This field is definitely one of my favorites, it's straight urban combat.

The gun I'm using in this video is the Echo 1 USA Spectre RDP with a Madbull Noveske KX3 amplifier."

Echo1 Spectre RDP Threaded Barrel Adapter


A tip from ASTKilo23 in sprucing up your Echo1 Spectre RDP AEG... "Is your Echo 1 Spectre RDP in need of some spicing up? Pick up the threaded muzzle adapter to day at your local Airsoft store. For only $15, you'll have the ability to install suppressors, flash hiders, and a wide variety of after market parts!" Echo1 Spectre RDP AEG Review


The Airsoft Gear Guide reviews the Echo1 Spectre RDP AEG in this sponsored review by The Echo1 Spectre RDP is a machine pistol with a custom gearbox that makes it an excelllent primary for CQB or or as backup. It is a very compact machine and costs US$154.99 at the AirSplat Online store.

Echo1 Spectre RDP Review & Game Play


Latest review from Team Blacksheep covers the recently announced SITES Spectre M4 SMG airsoft version from Echo1 which they call as the Echo1 Spectre RDP AEG... "The Echo1 Spectre RDP is the hot new airsoft (AEG) sub machine gun! Perfect for CQB fields and a back up pistol if you want to do that. Playing at Insight Interactive in Rancho, CA.

Echo1 USA Spectre RDP Coming Soon


Another choice for the airsoft version of the SITES Spectre M4 as Echo1 USA announces that their Spectre RDP will be coming soon... "The Rapid Deploy Pistol (RDP) is the latest compact CQB weapon from Echo1. It features full-sized version 3 compatible internals in a custom gearbox that can be upgraded to anything you could imagine. The RDP makes an excellent primary or backup weapon due to its very compact size and is light enough you could even wield two RDPs.

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