Mach Sakai's AK Blaster Tracer Muzzle Flash Review


AK airsoft enthusiasts rejoice! The AK Blaster Tracer Muzzle Flash promises realistic flash-hider aesthetics and immersive gameplay. As reviewed by Mach Sakai, this device boasts 4 tracer modes, FCC, CE, and ROHS certifications, an IP64 water resistance rating, and compatibility with standard, green tracer, and even gel BBs. Measuring 97.5mm long and 32.4mm wide, it seamlessly installs on most AKs with its standard 14mm (-) ccw thread.

MARTINA Smokey Wolf Silencer Review


BB2K Airsoft checks the MARTINA Smokey Wolf Silencer which is a 3-in-1 muzzle device for airsoft use... "Today I'm introducing you to the MARTINA Smokey Wolf Silencer, the latest generation of tracers. In addition to the classic tracer and muzzle flash effect, the Martina has a smoke unit. In combination with the LEDs, this built-in smoke machine creates an epic effect. Not only GBBs but also AEGs and SPRINGERs can now enjoy a fireball. Have fun with my Tracer Airsoft Review.

L'Antre Du Dingo: AceTech Raider


A good review of the latest muzzle device from ACETech Raider by L'Antre Du Dingo. This unit does what new generation tracer units and muzzle flash generators from Acetech which the airsoft player can use just the tracer feature or the muzzle flash generaor or both. This should be available at airsoft retailers now.

Nonocat: SHS Flash Tracer Preview


SHS Airsoft got their own tracer unit now. Known for upgrade parts, the new SHS Tracer Unit comes with the feature that new generation tracer units are coming out with, the muzzle flash generator to make firing more realistic in airsoft guns. Nonocat gives us rather too quick preview of this unit.

LIGHTS Muzzle Tracer At Softair Zone


Softair Zone got in stock an airsoft trace unit with muzzel flash simulation from LIGHTS... "Here we introduce the brand new LIGHTS Muzzle Tracer. This tracer unit is comparable to the Spitfire tracer unit which we have already presented. This tracer unit has, in addition to the extremely bright ultra LED unit to illuminate the BB as you know it, also 3 orange LEDs which point to the front and generate a muzzle flash.

BB2K Airsoft's Acetech Blaster Review


Bruce has his hands on the newest tracer unit with muzzle flash generator, the Acetech Blaster, for this BB2K Airsoft... "With the Acetech #BLASTER​ Tracer Unit you not only have a tracer on your airsoft, but also a muzzle flash generator. The simulation of the muzzle flash looks really awesome depending on the airsoft used. Gas blowback weapons of course have their big advantage here. The combination of gas cloud and LEDs is just awesome.

Blasterparts Muzzle Flash Generator Released


A German-made muzzle flash generator for airsoft games is now available at Blasterparts. You can order this for €74.90 and a video below shows it used in Dark Emergency 4 by Talon Company... "The Muzzle Flash Generator of Blaster Parts generates a muzzle flash in every shot of an Airsoft gun. This will make your game even more realistic. In particular, the night game is more dynamic and more demanding by a muzzle flash.

DesertFox Airsoft MFG Venom Review


It's the turn of DesertFox Airsoft to review the MFG Venom (Muzzle Flash Generator) from Incentive Designs which is based in the United Kingdom... "My review of the Incentive Designs MFG Venom. Here's what I think in a nutshell; Cool novelty. Best used with GBBR for added 'realism.' Alternative to a tracer unit, but the most tracer units have internal batteries while the MFG Venom has an external battery. Price tag of roughly 219.00 USD is a bit high for me."

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