Evike NSRT: How To Set Up Your Battle Belt


Part 1 of Episoe 146 of Evike.com's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show, Matt and George talk about battle belt setups... "Ever wonder how to put together your Battle Belts? Join Matt and George once again in another month of quarantine as they talk about everything that goes into how they construct their ultimate Battle Belts."

Evike NSRT: Helmet Setup And Comms


In episode 145 of Evike.com's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show, Matt and George show their helmet setup and comms... "If you're into Milsim then you would understand the importance of Comms during an intense Airsoft game.  But how do you get all of those accessories and radios to work with your tactical helmet?  Matt and George are here (recording from their homes) giving you all the info you need to set up your own."

"How Do You Set Up Your Airsoft Guns?" Part 2


Here is part 2 of the Evike.com's "Not So Round Table" talk show episode 144 in which Matt and George talk about airsoft gun setups... "Here's the last part of this very interesting and in depth episode of NSRT about how these two set up their 6mm pew pews."

"How Do You Set Up Your Airsoft Guns?" Part 1


Evike.com's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show episode 144 is a 2-part episode and Matt and George talk about setting up airsoft guns... "Matt and George are at it again to talk about a hot topic; this time, it's all about the GUNS! Want to get an insight about how these two veteran Airsofters set up their 6mm pew pews?  Then check out this episode of NSRT.

Also, there's too much to cover in just one episode. Stay tuned for Part 2 very soon."

"How Do You Setup Your Airsoft Gear?"


Matt & George are back with episode 143 of Evike.com's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show to discuss setting up airsoft gear... "Not sure how to build your plate carrier or battle belt?  Sit down with Matt and George to get the full discussion of how to setup your Airsoft Gear to get the most out of our Airsoft game play."

Your Airsoft New Year's Resolution?


It's a new year and surely your on you're way sticking to your New Year resolution, aren't you? Anyway, Matt and George talk about New Year's resolutions in airsoft in episode 142 of Evike.com's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show... "New Year, New Gear? OR New Year, new...gun?  What is your Airsoft New Year's Resolution for the brand new decade? Tune to to see what George and Matt want to do for the new year."

"How To Get New Players Into Airsoft?"


Need fresh meat, errr... new blood in airsoft but don't know how? George, Matt and Ryan got some tips for you in how to get new players in this Evike.com "Not So Round Table" episode... "In this episode, George, Matt and Ryan discuss all of the practical and outrageous ways you can get your friends started in Airsoft. PLUS, as a bonus, you want to find out how to possibly WIN A FREE Airsoft Gun/ Gear!?*"

Evike NSRT On Airsoft & Firearms Training


The T.Rex Arms video of Liku showing his skills built overtime with airsoft guns with real firearms went viral showing the airsoft can be valuable tool for firearms training. Matt and George, the hosts of Evike.com's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show touch on this topic for episode 139 and answer questions from their viewers...

Would Standard Rules Improve Airsoft Games?


We always imagine an airsoft world where all rules are standardised making it easier for airsoft players and events organisers. No need to worry about your airsoft gun not meeting legal limits in another country. So can this be achieved? George and Matt talk about this in this episode of Evike.com's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show... "Should every field have the same FPS limits? What about rules that limits the kind of platform you can play with? Tune in this episode of NSRT to find out!"

"Is Airsoft A Sport Or Hobby?"


One of the most often asked question, though not really a controversial one. Matt and George discuss airsoft being a hobby or a sport in this episode of Evike.com's "Not So Round Table" Talk show as it goes regular again. If you ask, our answer is always both. But listen to the hosts as they answer this question and more.

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