Geonox Airsoft Review: XCortech X3300W


Already in the market, the X3300W from XCortech is a tracer unit and chrono box package that also has a system to allow you to program the fire modes of your AEG. It is actually a good deal as you get three functions paying for 1 package. Geonox Airsoft got a unit for this video review (in German).

New GBB Pistols & Xcortech X3300W


A short list of new items from Tiger111HK this week. They have in stock the full metal Army Metal M1911A1 V12 Custom GBB Pistol and the KSC Metal Slide G34 GBB Pistol which are both in black colours. Also, for those who have been looking for the XCORTECH X3300W Advanced BB C.Sys Shooting Chronoscope, they better order it right now as it's available and is usually snapped up by customers.

Xcortech X3300W BB Control System Preview


Another preview of the Xcortech X3300W BB Control System this time by Airsoft Taiwan. We have been waiting for this to be fully available at airsoft retailers as it does a lot of things that airsoft players always want in their airsoft guns such as information in ROF, Muzzle Velocity, Count Down, Count Up, Tracer fire, Burst Control, etc. It is a set which comes with the Tracer Unit and the PEQ-shaped control box. Too bad it cannot make coffee or do the laundry.

Xcortech X3300W BB Control System


An upcoming product from Xcortech is getting a close attention from us. Called the Xcortech Airsoft X3300W Advance BB Control System, it's a system that allows you to do the following: determine ROF, Muzzle Velocity, Count Down, Count Up, Tracer fire, Burst Control, etc. This system is comprised of a tracer unit, a MOSFET, and the control unit which is shaped into a PEQ box to mount on rails. No details yet on when this is going to be released though but it's definitely this year.

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